Parenteral a.s. was established in 2002 to cover a private program of research into natural resources and raw materials in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries and with the intention of producing its own preparations for parenteral applications (especially intravenously, intramuscularly and transdermally or topically). 

Based on its results, the company participates in development of application of nutritional, soothing and medicinal products, while cooperating with specialist medical, scientific and educational institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad. 

In accordance to marketing program, the company assigns its solving tasks and organizes targeted development work and their practical implementation with other partners and (as the owner of created know-how) entrusts technological processing of its own recipes to proven producers who have the necessary production capacities, required equipment and qualified workers (in accordance with parameters of the Czech Pharmacopoeia and Good Manufacturing Practice). 

Parenteral a.s. is one of the early Czech manufacturers of products based on natural ingredients and substances from hemp; the visible result of these activities is i.a. a portfolio of health cosmetics proven also within ambulatory, clinical and spa care in the fields of dermatology, allergology, surgery, gerontology, oncology and traumatology.

Graphic elements of our logo refer to three company's co-founders and crystals of macromolecular plant protein edestin, which the company's scientific team managed to obtain in unique purity, needed for prospective practical applications and potential use i.a. as a substitute for human blood plasma (Parenteral a.s. was granted an international patent for this invention), verified through an independent testing facility (certified by the State Institute for Drug Control).